ORPHEA starring LILITH STANGENBERG will be shown at Viennale 2020

The second collaboration between Kluge and Khavn is an aesthetic mash-up – with a wonderful accomplice in Lilith Stangenberg. While in Happy Lamento (FILMFEST HAMBURG 2018) these two exceptional auteurs used material from their archives, Orphea has new content – albeit with a classical source. The portents and endings of Orpheus and Euridyce have changed: with Khavn and Kluge it’s an Orphea who descends to the underworld, not only to liberate her Euridyco, but the whole of extinct humanity. Between Kluge’s green screen studio and the megacity Manila everything is on the table: Rilke and Adorno, Tchaikovsky and rock, mammoths and immortality.



23 October 2020  Metro, Historischer Saal, english subtitles


24 October 2020  Blickle Kino, german subtitles


Directors: Alexander Kluge, Khavn de la Cruz

Sceenplay: Alexander Kluge, Khavn de la Cruz, Douglas Candano

Cast: Lilith Stangenberg, Ian Madrigal

Producer: Alexander Kluge, Stephan Holl, Antoinette Köster