Lilith Stangenberg at Ruhrtriennale

Lilith Stangenberg is part of the ensemble of “Bekannte Gefühle, gemischte Gesichter” at Ruhrtriennale 2018.

“This evening entitled Bekannte Gefühle, gemischte Gesichter (Familiar Feelings, Mixed Faces) was created to mark Christoph Marthaler’s personal farewell to the Castorf Era at Berlin’s Volksbühne. It uses many songs and few words to produce a meditation on transience in the theatre and what happens to artists as they are used up: what do sell by dates mean? What do freezes and endless repetitions lead to? And how do organizational aspects and art impact on each other?” (Ruhrtriennale)

Cast: Hildegard Alex, Tora Augestad, Marc Bodnar, Magne-Håvard Brekke, Raphael Clamer, Bendix Dethleffsen, Altea Garrido, Olivia Grigolli, Ueli Jäggi, Jürg Kienberger, Ulrich Voß, Nikola Weisse

© Walter Mair

Director: Christoph Marthaler

Stage Design: Anna Viebrock

31.08.2018 –  20:00
01.09.2018 – 20:00
02.09.2018 – 18:00