The new season of the series BAD BANKS can currently be seen in the Arte Mediathek and the ZDF Mediathek.

In the new episodes, “Bad Banks” also takes viewers on a daring journey into the world of high finance, which after the crisis is facing more than ever before a tremendous upheaval. New players are stirring up the traditional system, and the game of power, manipulation and personal ambition continues to revolve. But for our characters this time it’s all or nothing. It’s a generational struggle, and in the end the question remains as to who will determine the future of the system. (ZDF)

TV premiere ARTE:
Thursday, 6 February 2020, 20:15 hrs – Episodes 1-3
Friday, 7 February 2020, 20:15 hrs – Episodes 4-6

TV premiere ZDF:
Saturday, 8 February 2020, 21:45 hrs – Episodes 1-2
Sunday, 9 February 2020, 22:15 hrs – Episodes 3-4
Monday 10 February 2020, 22:15 hrs – Episodes 5-6

Director: Christian Zübert
Further cast: Paula Beer, Barry Atsma, Désirée Nosbusch, Albrecht Schuch, Mai Duong Kieu, Tobias Moretti, Jean-Marc Barr, Marc Limpach, Germain Wagner, Trystan Pütter, Noah Saavedra and many more.