On January 17th, Lilith Stangenberg can be seen in the premiere of the play “Aus dem bürgerlichen Heldenleben” (From The Bourgeois Heroic Life) directed by Frank Castorf at Schauspiel Köln.

“Aus dem bürgerlichen Heldenleben” is a satirical family chronicle and at the same time a portrait of an epoch, the grotesque of the philistine bourgeoisie and an astute analysis of a fermenting Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. At the centre of the tetralogy is the Mask family. The small civil servant Theobald Maske (DIE HOSE) capitalizes on a misfortune of his wife – the public loss of her trousers and the resulting eroticization of the neighborhood – and begins his social rise in a planned manner. He is soon outbid by his son Christian, an unscrupulous careerist (THE SNOB). He breaks away from his father, marries into the aristocracy and becomes a successful entrepreneur. Entangled in arms deals, the Mask Empire profits from the collective war hysteria (1913) and Christian’s daughter Christine surpasses her father in ruthlessness. “THE FOSSIL” finally turns to Traugott von Beeskow and the Weimar Republic, where restorative forces confront the revolutionary ideas of communism. This creates the (distorted) image of a time between boom and crisis, war and desire. After “EIN GRÜNER JUNGE” Frank Castorf returns to the Schauspiel Köln with Carl Sternheim’s great satirical cycle and combines it with his novel “EUROPA”. (Quote: Schauspiel Köln)

Director: Frank Castorf
Further cast: Sophia Burtscher, Bruno Cathomas, Melanie Kretschmann, Seán McDonagh, Peter Miklusz, Nikolay Sidorenko, Sabine Waibel

19 January 2020
24 January 2020
7 February 2020
9 February 2020
29 February 2020

Photo: Thomas Aurin

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