LILITH STANGENBERG as LULU at Volksbühne Berlin

“Comprised of the dramas Earth Spirit and Pandora’s Box, Wedekind’s play has had a remarkably rocky creation, production and reception history: re-writes, private performances, bans, and re-worked into the drama Lulu in the end.“ (Volksbühne)

Director: Stefan Pucher

Cast: Jan Bluthardt, Sandra Gerling, Waldemar Kobus, Andreas Leupold, Silvia Rieger, Sarah Maria Sander, Sylvana Seddig, Theo Trebs, Moritz Carl Winklmayr

© Julian Röder

Premiere: 30th of May 2019 at 7pm


01. Juni 2019 7:30pm

06. Juni 2019 7:30pm

13. Juni 2019 7:30pm

with english subtitles