FAMILYE is a movie from the street for the street. Urban & poetic as producer Moritz Bleibtreu says.
After five years in prison, Danyal is finally released. Since the death of his parents, he has taken responsibility for his two younger brothers. But with the gambling addict Miko and the playful brother Mohammed with Down Syndrome, this is far from easy. Especially in an environment like the rough Lynar neighborhood in Berlin Spandau. When suddenly Mikos debt is due and Mohammed is to be placed by the care in a home, threatens the fragile balance of their existence completely out of balance.


VIOLETTA SCHURAWLOW zu sehen in FAMILIYE Premiere: 26. April 2018 in BerlinAb dem 3.5. bundesweit im KinoFAMILIYE ist ein Film von der Straße für die Straße. Urban & poetisch wie Produzent Moritz Bleibtreu sagt.

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Premiere: April 26. 2018 | Berlin

From May 3, 2018 in the cinema